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Emirati Arabi

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is the ultimate destination in the Middle East! An ultramodern destination in constant evolution, but tied to its local traditions. There are seven emirates that make up the federation and each of them is in full growth: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaima, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaywayn. In this land full of contrasts, modernity coexists with cultural traditions, here you will discover unique landscapes, panoramas and atmospheres.

tour in birmania


Myanmar, also called Burma, is a country full of enchanting places, rich in history and culture. Among its ancient temples and landscapes with breathtaking views, Burma confirms itself as a destination to explore for every traveler looking for authentic places, in one of the most beautiful corners of the world! From the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas in the north to the pristine deep blue waters of the south, here you can admire caves, lakes, rivers, incredible beaches and islands, but also ancient tribes.

tour in laos


With its gentle mountains in the north, its river islands in the south, with its temples of Buddhist culture, its wonderful monks and UNESCO sites, Laos will surely conquer your way of inner explorer. An unmistakable gem for those traveling through its pristine nature! Travelers can admire the beauty of nature, practice all kinds of activities, trekking, climbing, kayaking, cycle paths, or stroll and admire extraordinary places.

tour in thailandia


Also known as "The Land of Smiles" it is a well-known destination for travelers from all over the world, who come here every year to discover its cultural heritage and then finish their stay on the beautiful beaches of the South! In Thailand you will admire unspoiled nature, paradisiacal beaches, the beauty of pagodas, statues and royal palaces, but you will also be struck by the simplicity of the people, who are used to welcoming tourists always with a smile on their lips.

tour in portogallo


Spectacular landscapes, friendly and welcoming people, Portugal is small in size, but boasts a great variety of landscapes within easy reach of each other, so your stay will never be monotonous! In addition, Portugal boasts more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year and over 850 km of coastline, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. A great culinary tradition, excellent wines and a people always hospitable to tourists from all over the world, if you are looking for a destination in Europe that will surprise you, then you must fly to Portugal.

tour in usa


One of the most sought after destinations by travelers, the American territory with its infinite attractions and landscape diversity welcomes a large number of tourists every year. From the big cities with the characteristic skyscrapers to the immense landscapes of the Grand Canyon, it will seem to have catapulted you into a film and to have already lived this experience, perhaps because in our culture we have seen it in films, in advertising, in large shops, and perhaps because we the United States want to imagine it just like a movie!

tour in spagna


Spain is one of the most popular destinations in the world, thanks to the sunshine of the people, good food and its Mediterranean climate. In the most visited European destinations each year, Spain represents everything a traveler could wish for. Here you will find all along the coast equipped beaches, coves, cliffs, luxury hotels, while in the hinterland you will be able to admire cities rich in history and an artistic heritage of immense value. A warm, hospitable and cheerful spirit of the people will know how to welcome you on a fantastic journey.

tour in Italia


Italy boasts a history of more than 3000 years, a real encyclopedia, where every city has a lot to tell. Historic buildings, monuments, art, cuisine and the world record of UNESCO sites, 54! There is no season to discover Italy, thanks to its favorable climate, it can be visited all year round, for mountain lovers, our Alps are an outdoor playground, and its beaches, islands and coastal views are a wonderful postcard to tell, then the Italian dolce vita, the one told by Fellini, a journey full of emotions in a priceless heritage.

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Necessary documents

To simplify your organized trip, we strongly recommend that you check the general information and documents necessary for entry to the country directly from the official website of the Farnesina listed below, and we have also activated a chat service for any necessary questions. After having read the necessary documentation, customers are responsible for their own documents. In the case of a mandatory visa before departure, we recommend the Embassy to contact or an agency specializing in visa procedures.

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Travel insurance

For all our tours we have decided to include basic insurance (assistance, medical expenses and luggage) "for free" to cope with any difficulties that may arise during a trip to foreign countries. As for insurance with higher protection or cancellation insurance, they are optional and can be supplemented with a paid fee.

May I cancel my reservation?

Tours and organized trips lasting several days have less flexible cancellation terms than a one-day excursion, but it is always possible to cancel your tour before the "cancellation terms" shown in the card of each individual tour. Furthermore, there is no opening and management fee and it is always possible to take out a "cancellation" insurance to cover the trip.

Is the tour with guaranteed departure?

Our local suppliers inform us well in advance of their schedule of available dates of their tours and by guaranteed departure we mean that the tour is guaranteed with a minimum of 2 participants! Even if our tour is available on a specific date, we must always check the actual and definitive availability. This operation on our part will be very fast.

Can I add additional hotel nights before and / or at the end of the tour?

In addition to tours and organized trips, is also able to manage additional nights at the hotel before and at the end of the tour, thanks to our bed bank that you can use independently in the link below, or you can ask us directly during the booking. We remind you that it is not possible to change hotels in the organized travel program, but before departure or at the end of the tour you can choose any hotel.

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Can I add transfers before and / or at the end of the tour?

On some tours, airport transfers may be included under "What's Included" without a specific time, so you can take advantage of the transfer on arrival and departure. In cases where transfers are "not included" we are able to book private transfers for you to any destination in the world where our tours are planned, for a supplement, or you can book your transfer yourself at the link below.

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We are a family how are the rooms managed?

On most tours with our partners the following rooms are guaranteed: single room, double room, double room, triple room. Therefore if we have a family of 2 adults + 2 children, it will be necessary to book two double rooms. If we have a family of 2 adults + 1 child, based on their age, we could provide either a third additional bed in the double room, or it is recommended to book a triple room.

Is it possible to have the same tour privately?

Yes, it is possible to organize the exact same tour even in a private formula, but the rates will undoubtedly be much higher, so we recommend always buying group tours with guaranteed departures. In our program there are also "private" tours you can use the side filters to find out what is right for you.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety and prevention measures

In this emergency situation caused by the pandemic (COVID-19) we wanted to put the protection of our customers first! For this reason, in collaboration with our partners, we have released the guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for basic protection measures against the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are aware that our customers want to travel with maximum safety and we want this too and we would like to let you know the safety and prevention measures we have adopted:

Obligation to always wear the "Mask" during the trip

Obligation to always sanitize hands

The staff will always be equipped with safety material: sanitizing gel, masks and disposable gloves.

Body temperature measurement before travel and for access to sites and transport.

Slightly open windows and air conditioning with recirculation of air.

Vehicles such as buses, minibuses and other wheeled vehicles will be sanitized daily by the supplier companies before each service.

Audio guide systems will be established to increase the distance between passengers and accompanying persons.

Hotels and accommodation establishments make every effort to ensure that guest rooms are sanitized prior to arrival.

Hotels and accommodation facilities make every effort to ensure that the dining rooms for guests have adequate distances.