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A country to be discovered with its temples, monks and UNESCO sites. Thanks to the fascinating Buddhist culture, this country is an unmistakable gem for those traveling through its unspoiled nature!

Documents and Visas

Passport, visa and length of stay
To avoid any problems when you arrive in Laos, check to make sure you have a valid passport.
The need for a visa depends on your nationality.

Embassies and consulates.
As you prepare for your trip, take note of the contact information for your embassy and consulates outside the capital. You can go there to reprint your travel documents in case of loss and to get a series of tips (health, safety, etc.). Each embassy usually has an emergency number that can be used only if necessary. Most of the time there is also a social services office to help you, even in an emergency.
Health Councils

There are no mandatory vaccinations to visit Laos. We still recommend consulting your doctor for theand suggested vaccinations such as: hepatitis A and B, for typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, tuberculosis, polio and tetanus booster.

Useful Info

Population of Laos: approximately 6,858,534
Language: Lao is the official language of Laos, also spoken in northeastern Thailand.

Religion: Most of the population is Buddhist.

Currency: The currency of Laos is the Kip Laotian . Recall that the Kip is a non-convertible currency, so once broken down from Laos it is not convertible into other currencies. Banks outside of Laos do not accept kip.

Credit cards
ATMs are found in most places popular with tourists.
Before departure, it is always advisable to contact your bank to ensure that you are entitled to withdraw abroad.

Time zone: GMT + 07: 00

Climate: Like most neighboring countries, Laos has two seasons: wet and dry. The wet season, and therefore characterizedrainfall ranges from May to August. The dry season and therefore best for visiting Laos, runs from November to March.

What to eat

Local cuisine, like that of other Asian countries, is mainly characterized by the use of rice in almost all dishes!
One of the most famous places in Laos is absolutely the "Larb", a kind of meat sauce with beef, chicken and pork or fish, as a condiment we use lime, fish sauce and aromatic herbs. Obviously all accompanied by the original bowl of white rice.
If you are tired of rice, an excellent alternative could be the Lao style baguette, stuffed with chopped papers, pieces of tofu, herbs and a sweet and sour sauce.

Where stay

Laos has a vast offer of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. If you are always traveling with your backpack across the country you can opt for simple hostels, if instead you want to enjoy a hot bath, buffet breakfast and room service, you can choose the hotels ranging from the cheapest to the most luxurious hotels that pamper customers in every step in the structure.

The 5 things to do and see

A fascinating and unspoiled country with its places to be discovered! With our suggestions you will know the most famous destinations to know more about things to do and places to visit!

Luang Pragang1. Luang Prapang
The obligatory stop for those visiting Laos. Even not being large, Luang Prapang kidnaps travelers and retains them with his unique landscapes. His Royal Palace, former residence of the Laotian royals is an ideal place to savor the culture of Laos with the large number of rooms and halls will strike anyone who wants to visit! Another breathtaking place is Wat Ho Pha Bang, a temple with the unmistakable Buddha statue.

Elephant2. Elephant Village Sanctuary
If you are in Luang Prapang, you cannot miss the experience of living a day immersed in the world of elephants! Here, they are pampered every day by the friendly staff who accompany you during the visit through the Elephant camp: get closer and get to know these giants of nature better! At the end of the visit you can also bathe the elephant but don't forget to bring a dry change!

Vientiane3. Vientiane
The capital of Laos offers many attractions to visit. One of which is Pha That Luang, a Buddhist religious structure 45 meters high and completely covered in gold. Another attraction of the place is the Big Sleeping Buddha, also covered in gold and striking for its size and majesty. Right here you can observe the monks in their daily chores, prayers, walks and relationship with the local population.

Mekong4. Mekong river
Considered one of the main communication routes between the communities of Laos, the Mekong River is a lifeblood of the country. River excursions here are very popular with travelers. Explore the Si Phan Don area, known as the "Four thousand islands" area, where during the dry season the waters retreat forming many small islands, hence the name.

Jairs5. Phonsavan and the Plain of Jars
Not far from Phonsavan, there is a territory of hundreds of kilometers with thousands of jars, stone containers of ancient but unknown origin: in fact, neither the creator nor the precise period is known. It is assumed that they were used for the fermentation of wine, or these large objects were used as funeral urns. The landscape is fascinating and full of charm, definitely worth visiting and trying to solve the age-old mystery!

Top Activities