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Las Vegas

Famous all over the world for gambling, it is a city that knows no timetables and never sleeps! With its unique casinos and luxury hotels such as Bellagio Hotel, known for its magical fountain show, it enchants visitors with its water features; or the magnificent Ceasar Palace with its magnificent Roman-style buildings makes you speechless!

Documents and Visas

Passport, visa and length of stay
To avoid any problems when you arrive in the United States, check to make sure you have a valid passport.
The need for a visa and its duration depends on your nationality.

Embassies and consulates.
As you prepare for your trip, take note of the contact information for your embassy and consulates outside the capital. You can go there to reprint your travel documents in case of loss and to get a series of tips (health, safety, etc.). Each embassy usually has an emergency number that can be used only if necessary. Most of the time there is also a social services office to help you, even in an emergency.
Health Councils

There are no mandatory vaccinations to visit the United States.
Before leaving, it is advisable to take out good medical insurance so as not to incur high medical or hospital costs.

Useful Info

Population of Las Vegas: approximately 641,676
Language: English is the official language of the country

Religion: Most of the population is Protestant.

Currency: The currency of the United States is the United States dollar.

Credit cards
Visa, Mastercard, Amercan Express are the most used and therefore accepted credit cards throughout the country.
Before leaving, we recommend that you consult with your bank to activate withdrawals and use your credit card in the United States.

Time zone: GMT-08: 00

Climate: Las Vegas has a geographical peculiarity - it is located literally in the Nevada desert. The temperatures here are high throughout the year so they existthe months in which it is more advisable to plan your stay.
The best time is in fact from March to April, when the highs are 22 degrees and is therefore more bearable for those who suffer from the heat.
In summer, however, from May to August, temperatures rise drastically to 40 degrees and then drop to 15-20 degrees going towards autumn.
It must be considered, however, that Las Vegas is very visited throughout the year, thanks to the many attractions mainly indoors and its worldwide popularity is difficult to define a low season with less visitors.

What to eat

Las Vegas offers a large number of restaurants for all tastes. There are lots of fast food options around the city if you are exploring, for example, the Strip of Las Vegas area, the street par excellence where you can fully experience the city. Especially at sunset, the proposal here is really tempting. The restaurants are a flagship of Las Vegas, from the cheapest menus to the gourmet ones of the fine restaurants, the city manages to satisfy all palates and pockets!

Where stay

Las Vegas is now known all over the world for its accommodation facilities: from the Ceasar hotel to the smallest and most bizarre structures, here you can really find everything. For example the "New York New York" is a successful reproduction of the skyline of the big apple, or the Venetian Hotel, dedicated to the famous Italian city with its reproductions of the Venetian canals complete with San Marco and the Bridge of Sighs.
These are just some of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, but there are also smaller structures with different themes.
Strip of Las Vegas is certainly the best area to find accommodation, the beating heart of the city and its nightlife, it offers many more or less bizarre solutions.
Another area to stay is Las Vegas Boulevard South, which is always well-liked by travelers for its location.

The 5 things to do and see

A city with a unique, almost magical atmosphere, with its casinos, themed hotels and nightlife, captivates with its charm. Here are some suggestionson what to see and visit in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Boulevard1. Las Vegas Boulevard
Also known as the Las Vegas Strip, it is a very long avenue right in the middle of the city and is famous for its unmistakable casinos! Inside the gambling houses the clocks and windows have always been absent and once you enter you really lose the perception of time!
In addition to the casinos, the avenue has numerous luxury hotels famous all over the world for their extravagant beauty and luxury: Hotel Ceasar Palace with its colonnade, Venetian Hotel with its canals and real Venetian gondolas, Paris Hotel with the reproduction of the Tower Eiffel - all of this can be seen by walking here!

Bellagio Fountaine2. The fountain show at the Bellagio hotel
One of the most famous free attractions of the city, the Bellagio hotel fountainsenchant visitors from all over the world with the choreography of water to the rhythm of the music. The show takes place every 30 minutes and is visible from many points of Las Vegas Boulevard, although the best viewpoints are the terrace at the entrance of the hotel but the side points of the sidewalk of the main avenue are also not to be excluded.

Freemont Street3. Fremont Street
The oldest street in the city and the second most famous after Strip Boulevard. Its creation dates back to 1905 and forms around it the center of old Las Vegas. Today Fremont Street is famous above all for the presence of a section of the street covered with 12 million LED lamps which form particular themed designs.

Stratosphere Tower4. Stratosphere Tower
350 meters high, it is the highest observation point in America. From here you can admire an unmistakable view of an extravagant city like Las Vegas surrounded by the Nevada desert. In addition to the restaurant on the top and the inevitable casino, the structure offers 4 attractions focused on the thrill and adrenaline: for example the SkyJump LAs Vegas which includes jumping in full bungy jumping style.

Horseshoe Bend5. Horseshoe Bend
After exploring the city of fun and extravagance, why not explore its surroundings? During the day trip from Las Vegas you can visit the inimitable Horseshoe Bend, a meander of the Colorado River. The name is due precisely to its particular horseshoe shape with its emerald-colored waters that flow 340 meters below you, all surrounded by an unforgettable and authentic landscape!

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