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San Francisco

Fascinating and extravagant, San Francisco is a pearl to be explored for those arriving in California. With its Golden Gate, the symbolic bridge of the city manages to kidnap the visitor with its grandeur and grandeur. The city with the famous historical trams that travel the inclined streets gives unique emotions! The inevitable visit to Alcatraz prison, the famous home of the best known and most dangerous criminals in history, is absolutely worth considering during your trip to San Francisco.

Documents and Visas

Passport, visa and length of stay
To avoid any problems when you arrive in the United States, check to make sure you have a valid passport.
The need for a visa and its duration depends on your nationality.

Embassies and consulates.
As you prepare for your trip, take note of the contact information for your embassy and consulates outside the capital. You can go there to reprint your travel documents in case of loss and to get a series of tips (health, safety, etc.). Each embassy usually has an emergency number that can be used only if necessary.Most of the time there is also a social services office to help you, even in an emergency.
Health Councils

There are no mandatory vaccinations to visit the United States.
Before leaving, it is advisable to take out good medical insurance so as not to incur high medical or hospital costs.

Useful Info

Population in San Francisco: approximately 884.363
Language: English is the official language of the country

Religion: Most of the population is Protestant.

Currency: The currency of the United States is the United States dollar.

Credit cards
Visa, Mastercard, Amercan Express are the most used and therefore accepted credit cards throughout the country.
Before leaving, we recommend that you consult with your bank to activate withdrawals and use your credit card in the United States.

Time zone: GMT-08: 00

Climate: Winterin San Francisco it is characterized by maximum temperatures of 15 degrees, rarely hovering around zero, which makes the city open to visitors even in the cold season. Summer is certainly the best season for visiting for those who suffer from the cold, the months from June to October are characterized by hot days with its average temperatures of 23 degrees. However, remember to have a sweatshirt around San Francisco handy, because of the ocean currents that bring wind it is always advisable to cover yourself!

What to eat

Thanks to its geographical position, San Francisco has a real passion for fish dishes! Among the typical dishes we find the infamous Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bread, which consists of a fish and crab soup, served with a large crumb-free sandwich that serves as a dish! Other specialties are crab and oyster omelette, the latter certainly a dish that can only be enjoyed here!

Where stay

During the trip to California, many travelers choose to stay a few nightsin San Francisco to visit this fascinating city! The best areas to find accommodation for your stay are mainly two: the first is certainly the Union Square, the heart of San Francisco which contains its center with the major attractions. A neighborhood full of shops, bars and restaurants which, together with very efficient public transport, is confirmed as one of the best areas for tourists.
The second recommended neighborhood is Fisherman's Wharf, always lively and full of visitors. It offers everything you need while visiting San Francisco, which is why it may be more expensive.
If you are looking for something cheaper or if you are traveling by car, the recommended area for you is the Marina district, where many cheaper hotels are located, which also offer parking. The neighborhood, however, is well organized: clubs, restaurants and shops, all just minutes from Fisherman's Wharf.

The 5 things to do and see

A fascinating city with its Golden Gate and the "film" fog that envelops it some mornings, San Francisco is one of the most visited and famous cities in the United States! Let's see what they areor the main attractions of this destination.

Fisher1. Fisherman's Wharf
The fun of the city is here! The famous fisherman's wharf "Fisherman's Wharf" is one of the symbolic places of San Francisco. The most crowded area is Pier 39, right here there are shops and shops of all kinds: from gadgets like personalized teddy bears to left-handed items, you can really find everything here! Surrounded by restaurants and historic street food stalls, Fisherman's Wharf is a place to explore!

Lombard Street2. Lombard Street
San Francisco is a city that boasts a particular and unmistakable feature: the great ascents and descents! The classic trams that transport passengers pass slowly on the streets, giving images thatonly here they can be seen! We recommend going to Lombard Street, one of the most beautiful areas of the city characterized by many flowers planted along the way. Famous for its particular shape, it is a must for anyone visiting San Francisco.

San Francisco3. Golden Gate
The symbol of the city and the most reproduced image to indicate San Francisco! The Golden Gate, the huge red bridge that challenges the imposing currents of the bay every day with its grandeur. In addition to the classic tours, we recommend visiting it by bicycle to get to the other side where Sausalito is located, a place also called Portofino americana. Here you can relax while sipping a good cocktail while admiring the landscape.

Alcatraz4. Alcatraz prison
The most famous prison in the world is located right here,known for hosting the most dangerous criminals in history. Today it has become a popular tourist attraction. In fact, many excursions leave from the port of San Francisco which also give you the opportunity to access the island and visit the prison inside. Given the large demand, it is recommended to book the visit well in advance!

Muir woods5. Muir Woods
A few kilometers from San Francisco there is a great naturalistic discovery, Muir Woods. A fascinating forest of gigantic redwoods, where passing through the well-marked paths you can perceive a unique atmosphere! It is no coincidence that Muir Woods was chosen as the setting for the film Apes Revolution - Planet of the Apes.

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