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A country of many facets, Mexico is a set of emotions that it manages to transmit from fantastic beaches to large cities, from infinite natural landscapes to the remains of great civilizations. A territory to be discovered and experienced!

Documents and Visas

Passport, visa and length of stay
To avoid any problems when you arrive in Mexico, check to make sure you have a valid passport.
The need for a visa depends on your nationality.

Embassies and consulates.
As you prepare for your trip, take note of the contact information for your embassy and consulates outside the capital. You can go there to reprint your travel documents in case of loss and to get a series of tips (health, safety, etc.). Each embassy usually has an emergency number that can be used only if necessary. Most of the time there is also a social services office to help you, even in an emergency.

Health Councils

There are no mandatory vaccinations to visit Mexico.
Yeshowever, you should consult your doctor to evaluate the following vaccines: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, measles or salmonella.

Useful Info

Population of Mexico: approximately 117.409,830
Language: Spanish is the national language of Mexico

Religion: Most of the population is Christian, of which the majority is Catholic.

Currency: the currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso.

Credit cards
Before leaving, we recommend that you consult with your bank to activate withdrawals and use your credit card in Mexico. We suggest that you always have a portion of the cash in local currency to pay for small expenses such as taxis, bars and small purchases.

Time zone: La Paz GMT-07: 00 / Tijuana GMT-08: 00

Climate: The best time to visit Mexico is between December and April, months in which the heat is more bearable and the humidity is less felt. It is not recommendedinstead the visit between the months of September and November saw the hurricane risk in the affected area.

What to eat

Mexican cuisine is without doubt one of the best known and appreciated in the world! Thanks to the presence of many Mexican restaurants around the world, most travelers are used to the dishes offered on site and can only improve and appreciate the dishes of Mexico!
We suggest tasting "Pozole" an ancient dish dating back to the Aztec era, made up of a stew or soup made from corn and served with meat, garlic, onion, and the inevitable chili!
Obviously we cannot exclude from the list the legendary "tacos" and "tortillas" eaten everywhere and with any seasoning: chicken, pork, guacamole, chili pepper ... all ingredients that you can't do without in Mexico! An affected variant could be "tamales" with meat or vegetable filling are an excellent meal at any time of day.

Where stay

Mexico offers a varied range of accommodation for every taste and pocket. The classic "backpackers" will find a wide offer oftourist hostels where with a few pesos you can sleep and make friends and then continue your journey.
For travelers looking for relaxation and a few more services, we recommend structures from 4 stars up if we talk about hotels during a stay dedicated to exploring the area. For those who are looking for a fabulous sea for "carefree" holidays, they can opt for the number of facilities and resorts that offer many benefits and activities to their customers!

The 5 things to do and see

Mexico is a controversial country that can certainly be appreciated for its priceless historical places, its beaches and its breathtaking landscapes! With our advice you can choose from the best places to visit.

Mexico City

1. Mexico City

The vibrant capital of the country welcomes travelers with armsopen. Its historic center is to be discovered with its Cathedral, one of the largest in the world which stands directly in Piazza della Costituzione. From here there are numerous paths to follow: one of which includes a visit to the ruins of the Templo Mayor, ancient remains of Aztec history that fascinate travelers from all over the world!


2. Uxmal

Hidden by vegetation for long years, this stop is mandatory for those fascinated by Aztec history! A curiosity lies in the fact that clapping in front of its staircase you can hear the similar chirping sound of the sacred bird of the Maya, the Quetzal, even now remains a mystery as to how it was possible to recreate this sound effect. There are many tourists who come here every year, for those interested we recommend a visit with a guide to better understand all the secrets of the place.

Chichén Itza

3. Chichén Itza

Definitely the best known ruins of the Mayan civilization. Built between the 11th and 13th centuries and still shrouded in mystery. A curious case: on the sides of the staircase of "El Castillo" (the best known structure of the place) during the equinoxes, at sunset the natural shadow of the feathered snake can be seen. Another reason to visit it is certainly the fact that it has been included in the list of the seven wonders of the world and UNESCO heritage, thus becoming the obligatory stop during the trip to Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende

4. San Miguel de Allende

One of Mexico's most picturesque cities and a UNESCO heritage site, San MIgeul de Allende will be appreciated especially for art lovers. Definitely worth visiting is the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, a beautiful temple and center of religious life in the place. Do not miss the artisan market in the country where you can really find everything! Its narrow lanes and architectural details kidnap travelers from all over the world!

isla mujeres

5. Isla Mujeres

For a peaceful relaxing holiday and avoiding the most crowded tourist destinations, Isla Mujeres is an ideal destination: a tropical paradise with transparent waters and white sand that gives its guests spectacular sunsets.

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