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Discover with us the most beautiful beaches in the world, the most exclusive, most intimate and extravagant ones. The beaches must be protected, they belong to all of us and they can make us happy and free, we must have a lot of respect and safeguard them.
  • Trends - Holidays Summer 2020 Italians
    Trends - Holidays Summer 2020 Italians
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    With the gradual return to normal, Italians seem not to give up travel altogether, this is what the searches of engines specialized in analyzing the words searched on the main search engines say. Recall that from 03 June 2020, in Italy you can move and reach any region, but let's see briefly what the Italians plan for the 2020 holidays.

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  • Zakynthos island, desire for sea and nature
    Zakynthos island, desire for sea and nature
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    Today we are talking about Zakynthos (also called Zakynthos) and why it should be in the list of your summer destinations. Zakynthos is one of the largest islands of Greece, the Venetians who ruled it called it "Flower of the East", for the countless species of flowers that populate...

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  • Phi Phi Island, Leonardo di Caprio Island
    Phi Phi Island, Leonardo di Caprio Island
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    Known for its landscapes seen in the film "The Beach", this heavenly corner offers unique and unmistakable panoramas. A place of breathtaking beauty that with its white beaches and crystal clear sea form all the conditions for a perfect stay. On the island there are numerous luxury and non-luxury facilities that pamper their guests from morning to late evening to ensure a unique experience.

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